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Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 16th, 2016 12:32 am Hungry plantsims and demotivational mobiles

OK, I guess it's been a while since last I posted, since Semagic wasn't even on my computer - and this is not my newest computer. -_-

Anyway, my current household had raised a plantsim to teenager, now he wanted to learn to drive. His mother is ecological so she only had a broom, but she wanted to help him learn to drive, so used some of her treasure trove of lifetime happiness to buy a motive mobile, instead of buying one for money. (After all, Tale is a fairy, so she had already lived some generations, and those happiness points just keep rolling in.) It seemed like a great idea. Until, the next schoolday, the plantsim became hungry.

If you googled for "hungry plantsim" to get here, you probably know that plantsims should not have huger or bladder motives. They are blotted out by some kind of vegetation in their motive panel. But he definitely got the moodlets and eventually helped himself on both those things. Yeah, it is the motive mobile. The thing was evidently never recoded for plantsims, so it changes the value of their hunger and bladder variables, which are preset to a dummy value to signal that they are not in use.

It is not a big deal, as junior inherited the motive mobile, and using it will fix his motives right quick. But if you ever plan to have a plantbaby, get rid of the Motive Mobile first. If it is too late for that, you may try selling it and using the cheat code Resetsim (firstname) (lastname) to try to reset them. Or give them the mobile, as I did. It is hideously overpowered, maxing motives even during a short trip, but at least in this case there is some degree of justice in it.


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Jul. 6th, 2015 12:20 am Sims 3: Weird circus music following my sim

I've run into this a few times, and in the past I have solved it by quitting without saving and starting from before the weirdness began. But this time I had already saved the game, so I decided to find some other way to solve it.
This is a bug where for some unknown reason there starts to play an irritating circus type music, I believe it is one used in the Showtime performances, although I suppose it could be others if you don't have that expansion. It is not the ghost hunter music that sometimes keeps playing all night long in a place it shouldn't, or the computer game music that also sometimes plays at times and places where it shouldn't be. Unlike these, this is tied to one particular family member and follows her wherever she goes. If you zoom in close, the music gets stronger, like she is a walking stereo.

I solved it by sending her to University and back. For those who don't have that expansion, I would guess that the tourist destinations would do, and probably the city of the future. Perhaps you can also solve it by moving to another house, certainly to another neighborhood (but that will wipe all your relationship outside the household). Resetsim and Fixall (from Awesomemod) did not work though.

Posting this in case some unlucky soul doesn't find it out on their own. ^_^


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Mar. 4th, 2015 11:49 pm Ridiculously overpowered fairies strike again

I recently discovered that fairies are even way more overpowered than I thought, and I thought they were ridiculously overpowered. Not only do they have 5 times normal lifespan, can move faster than other sims, can restore their fun bar in a few clicks by doing "I can fly!" acrobatics, can get mood boost or skill speed boost with auras, they also can make plants grow up in matter of minutes (and improve the quality at the same time, with a little practice). Well, turns out they also don't need kitchens or beds (or cribs for toddlers): Just buy a cheap Fairy House and a whole family of fairies can sleep there, as well as drink pollen punch which gives a nice mood boost (although not better than a good meal). Toddlers can also eat and sleep there on their own, so you can safely ignore their food and sleep needs.

I wish I knew this back when I did the Great Fairy Family Experiment, a.k.a. the family tree that became a family bush that became a family moss carpet.

All of these beds and a number of cribs could have been replaced with a small cheap fairy house in the corner of the ground floor.
But at least they still need the potty! That's a human trait.


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Feb. 2nd, 2015 01:04 am Computers, mods and genies

My game crashed every time I tried to summon a genie (djinn), so I started over making a playable genie, to make sure it was not the graphics. It was not the graphics.

Started the new game in the downloaded world of Los Aniegos, a huge town preloaded with lots of sims. The game stuttered on the highest resolution, but reducing draw distance and the number of lots rendered in detail gave me a non-distracting speed. That's better than I got on any of the three earlier machines I have played this game on.

The reason why the game crashed when cleaning the dusty old lamp? Mods. After upgrading them to the newest version, the game did not crash, it just cleans the lamp without summoning the genie. After removing the mods, the summoning worked as it should. The culprit turned out to be Awesomemod, strangely enough. Usually it fixes glitches rather than causing them. It is just recently updated too. I would guess that it is my particular combination of installed expansions, rather than the machine, that causes this glitch.


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Jan. 31st, 2015 01:18 pm Retrofuturistic Simming Machine

After my 4-core Black Beast got the Reboot While Rebooting Loop of Death, I have done my simming on a zombie 3-core AMD machine with parts from older machines, running Windows Vista. It had a small, early SSD in addition to its hard drive. I used the SSD for virtual memory only, and it made a big difference: For playing The Sims 3, it was almost like having 25 GB of memory instead of 4. Slightly slower memory ... there was a brief moment when I moved my viewpoint to a different part of town and all the furniture was gray and lacking detail, then it filled itself in. But the system was very responsive. And then it died the Reboot While Rebooting Loop of Death.

So I decided to test my theory that modern PCs are ridiculously overpowered except for the hard disk, which is still spinning at the same speed as 20 years ago. (Although the capacity of modern hard disks is amazing, the speed is not.) So I ordered a custom-built PC with a Pentium (did not know they made those still) dual-core processor, on-board Intel graphics, no hard disk, 240 GB SSD and 8 GM RAM. It looks like a too long shoe box, uses little power and makes barely any sound. It has room for Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4 and lots of save games, what more can one ask of a computer? Right, speed! It loads The Sims 3 much faster than anything I have seen, loads games a little faster, and saves a little more slowly the first time and faster the next times. Jumping to other parts of the neighborhood is fast, and there is very rarely any lag when playing. I haven't tried it with a huge neighborhood full of people yet, will try to remember posting if I get around to that.

Oh, and it costs a little over half of the last PC I bought. ^_^


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Sep. 26th, 2014 10:01 pm Debunking the Sims 4 rumors

When the Sims 4 came out, the reviews were generally unfavorable. This is gradually changing, and the reason for this is probably that the new reviews are from people who played the game, and the first are not.

I notice that the critical reviews tend to have two things in common:
a) They use stock screenshot and generic descriptions of the gameplay, while the later, more positive reviews use their own screenshots and often assign some small story to them.

b) The critical reviews tend to share a number of obvious, blatant lies. I am not sure if these were true in pre-release review copies or whether they just took them from the rumors that circulated at the time.

3 popular lies about Sims 4Collapse )

In conclusion, you should generally ignore the early reviews and stick with the ones who have actually played the game. If they haven't discovered that you can build ROCKETS IN YOUR BACKYARD, they have no right to whine about lack of content.


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Sep. 20th, 2014 09:02 pm Sims 4 is here, and so am I

The game of the year has arrived, and with it the much awaited BUTT SLIDER!

I got the game less than a week after it was released. The first patch fixed the gamebreaking bugs, so I never saw them. Of course there are still some bugs. There also are no toddlers, and babies are fused with their bassinet to an immovable object like in Sims 1. The best explanation for this seems to be that they were planning to make Sims 4 into an online multiplayer game, and there are no toddler players. But then Sim City happened, and The Sims Online v.2.0 was wisely shelved. They never had time to insert the missing toddlers. Well, that's one theory. Or they could be lazy, or crazy. But what is certain is that the game that was made, even if incomplete, is amazing. It has far more detail than any basegame before. I don't mean graphical detail, which is similar to Sims 3. I mean the innumerable options, the complex psychology, the complex social interactions, the complex skills, the complex careers, the complex life aspirations.

The game is very simple and very complex. You can drop two sims in a house, give them a job and stop by now and then to call the repairman, and they are likely to do well enough. But they are at best going to reach level 2 of their career, because that requires some serious micromanagement now. If you want to actually make the sims the most they can be (or at least reach the top of their career) there is no way around reading the varying requirements for each level and direct your sims to fulfill them; they are not going to do that on their own (except for level 1, perhaps, which has goals like "wash dishes 3 times".)

The learning curve is not steep at all, but it is very long. The sims will generally stay alive if left to themselves, but there are so many, many things they can do if you start meddling with them. The mind boggles at what they may become with 10 expansion packs. Well, that is some years away. If this is the bare-bones starter pack, the full game may be a full-time job to play.


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Jun. 23rd, 2014 10:00 pm Bad ending

I guess I should provide a conclusion to my "Into the Future" story arc, although it is not a happy ending. Take a look where everyone is looking. What's that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the end of the world?

Well, for one it was. I managed to get everyone down in the cellar except for A-1, who had turned invisible when he became an elder. (Plumbots should not become elders, but he was glitched, and since there was no elder body for plumbots, he turned invisible, except for the eyes.) In the confusion, I did not see him, and he was left outside while the rest huddled in the cellar below the basement.

And that's the last Sims picture on this computer. Eventually I started playing Sims 3 again, on a different computer, but that is another story.


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Oct. 30th, 2013 11:52 pm A utopia with glitches

The optional Holo Projector chip lets you invite a friend or close acquaintance from the future to the past or the other way around, as shown in the promotional videos. But it also lets you invite friends from university or tourist destinations! Here is Brittney Lefevre, a tourist from France who I've stayed in touch with. She is supposedly on her last legs, but this is not her ghost - it is a holographic projection that lets her interact with the world of Riverview as if she was physically present, including getting a massage. Advanced Technology indeed! ^_^

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Oct. 28th, 2013 11:47 pm A-1, robot

sim!Magnus spent some days in the future collecting nanites.

They are small, but with the collection helper they are easy to find. In the evening, the desert has dozens of them. There are many different types, including some that cannot be designed without reverse engineering the original. Nanites are the basic building blocks of future Artificial Intelligence.

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